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The fact thag you’re asking “is it even worth it?” makes me think that you don’t like your crush that much. If you do and you’re sure about your feelings, confess to your friend bluntly. Say to her that you like him and you want to confess to him. If she respects you and your […]

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As a kid growing up, my sister was the pretty one. She’s charming and charismatic. She was a cheerleader. I was the “smart” one. I just didn’t look in the mirror. Saved myself a hell of a lot of damaging talk. I actually wasn’t jealous. I just made myself proud in different ways. I’ve admired […]

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Absolutely. What helped me manage trauma from day to day is prayer, meditation, exercise, walking in nature, my support animal, and using tapping or the emotional freedom technique for pain or insomnia. I only have tender, kind and supportive friends, and I eliminated negative people from my life. I lead a fulfilling life, and I […]

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This is the problem of all south Asian countries you see Afghanistan there is no peace there from last many decades and they don’t want it too, look at India still killing on religion base his own country men, mass killing in kashmir, mass killing in Ahmad Abad, even there lawmakers and senior government officials are not […]

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That’s actually always been a reason I thought there was nothing in his returns—that if there were, the DNC would have “leaked” them during the campaign. Instead, they leaked one page of a 20 year old return accusing him of doing something he’s legally required by the IRS to do (carrying forward a major loss.) […]

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Gender stereotypes are part of ammunition that some transphobes use to make trans people look illogical. Example, a trans person can explain what being trans really means. But a transphobe will ignore all that and bring up how their maybe fake son wore a dress when he was younger and is now cis, therefore trans […]

OOB Old Orchard Beach Maine Pier Boardwalk Ocean Sand T shirt

Anyway, I think the high school me was somewhat influenced by her Barbies. I went through a lot of trouble to have back length straight hair – which involved torturing my hair out of its natural texture and doing a lot of damage. Then again, in the early 2000s, everyone was doing that, especially the […]

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As the pace of industrialization quickened, and profits accumulated in the hands of a few, some workers began to organize and advocate for unionization. The workers wanted more safety regulations, better wages, fewer hours, and freedom of speech and assembly. But most companies vigorously opposed the union, arguing for the right to control their private […]

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Women are highly intelligent and have intuitions that no man could ever interpret properly. However, what seems obvious about this situation is that she is listening to her intuition — her senses could be telling her that you are not sure if she likes you. So, basically, she is perhaps testing to see if you will come to her and strike […]